Belgrade Beer Fest
20-24.08.2008.Belgrade Beer Fest
Društvene kampanje



Belgrade Beer Fest, within its five years, was always giving a special attention to various social campaigns carried out by non-governmental organizations. Amongst many others, the festival attended Y-PEER, Red Cross, Jazas, You’re right, Mensa, whereas campaign DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE has always been the central one among the main messages of the festival. It will be running this year as well, along with Jazas and many other non-governmental organizations.

Strategically cooperating with the Ball Packaging Europe company, Belgrade Beer Fest is going to promote the can as the form of packaging that is 100% recyclable, sending out the important message of preservation and protection of the environment.
Three tones of cans were recycled at Beer Fest 2007. Ball Packaging Europe will be there this year not only to present their products, but as one of the participants and friends of Beer Fest. Interesting contests, lots of fun and top-level refreshments are prepared for the guests. Beer Fest is getting more and more popular regional event with can never stopped being the best packing that can refresh and amuse at the same time.
 The secret of can’s popularity probably lies in the fact that there are not much things that give you this feeling of doing something good for the planet, being at the same time the synonym for fun. Most of the people are probably not aware that it is one of the rare forms of packing that is totally recyclable.




Half of the new HIV infections every day are among young people under 25 years old. Not only are they the most affected by HIV, but they have never known a world without HIV.

Dance4Life is an international initiative set up to involve and empower young people all around the world to push back the spread of HIV and AIDS. Young people are the future and they have the power to halt the spread of HIV and AIDS. By uniting all over the world and demanding change, they can make a difference.

Serbia belongs to the group of 22 countries in the world where the Dance 4 Life program is realized, its principal goal being to activate young people in fighting the HIV, but also stigma and taboo related to the disease. The project has been implemented for 4 years aiming for the young people to get to learn about HIV and HIV-related prevention as much as possible. According to available data, there are 10.000 HIV infected persons in Serbia, with 7 to 10 newly infected being registered every week. Unofficially, it is believed that there are 10 persons for every HIV-infected individual that do not know this fact.

Dance4Life provides them with this opportunity. It teaches them the important life skills they need to protect themselves but more than this, it inspires them to go out there and actually do something about it, to become actively involved – an Agent of Change. And our mission is to create a movement of one million Agents of Change by 2014.

An Agent of Change is a young person who takes part in at least two of the first three Schools4Life activities. Schools4Life isn’t about boring books, preaching or homework – it’s about dance, music, media, events, drumming, videos and taking responsibility for yourself and others. Using the language of young people involves them in Dance4Life.

Schools4Life is made up of four parts::

  • We kick off with the Heart Connection Tour. This is where each school is visited by the Dance4Life Tour Team – which is no ordinary team, we're talking dancers, musicians, peer educators and young people living with HIV. The Heart Connection Tour is a fun, interactive experience that educates young people and energizes them with enthusiasm to take responsibility in the response to HIV and AIDS.
  • Next they have the opportunity to learn in more detail how to take responsibility by participating in Skills4Life. This is an in-depth programme where they learn more about HIV including: prevention, sexuality, drug abuse, and their rights. They also pick up valuable skills about negotiation (No means No), communication and decision making, which they can apply in their daily lives.
  • Once they're fired up they're ready for the third part: Act4Life. As the name suggests this is all about taking action. Which could mean anything from becoming a volunteer, fund raising or simply spreading awareness.
  • The grand finale of Schools4Life is the worldwide Dance4Life Event - every two years on the Saturday before World AIDS Day. (The next one is on 29th November 2008!). Agents of Change (who have taken part in Schools4Life) are invited to use their voice and feet. United by one cause and connected live via satellite, they dance together for life in front of each other and the world. They demonstrate what they believe in and what they have achieved as part of Dance4Life. They dance to inspire the world, to gain their support, and to remind the world leaders of the promises they made regarding the Millennium Development Goals.

"Dance is a universal language. Dance is freedom, dance is exhilaration, dance is life. Young people deserve care, protection, condoms. Please don’t let them dance alone."

Desmond Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town, South Africa

"The way Dance4Life engages young people around the world to do something about the HIV and AIDS problem is very powerful. The combination of serious content and entertainment ensures that Dance4Life gets young people on the move."

DJ Tiësto, Dance4Life International Ambassado


Data/Images/backpacker_logo_final_s.jpg We are non-profit, non-governmental organization promoting backpacking tourism in Serbia and abroad.

Our mission is to motivate young people to get to know Serbia, as well as new regions and cultures- through backpacking.

We are striving to provide all the young people in our environment and all the backpackers around the world with as much as possible information regarding top destinations and unexplored beauties of Serbia, yet we are ready to help anyone to organize their journeys outside of our borders, in the most advantageous and affordable way possible.



KULTURBAN is non-governmental, non-party, non-profit organization, that is primarily encouraging and organizing cultural activities with young people, making a contribution to the growth of their potentials, as well as raising the awareness of tolerance and understanding of social and cultural differences.

Data/Images/trampa1_s.jpgKULTURBAN gathers young people, students, and others engaged in art, aiming to, through various cultural activities, work together on achieving the goals such as: informing the young about their rights and possibilities, advocating the effectuation of basic civil and human rights; promoting the equality of the marginal social groups; fighting against all the manifestations of discrimination.

We are currently working on the establishment of Center for the young, whereas our previous activities are:

- Theater der Welt – Kulturban exchange, participants in The World Stage (Halle, Germany, June 2008)
- Mosaic – Serbian representatives in intercultural interchange of the young (Postkult e.V., Germany)
- Trenchtown festival - Kulturban exchange and United against racism campaign (May 2008)
- The museum dedicated to The Little Prince - April 2008, currently exposed at Duško Radović theatre in Belgrade...

We are the part of the Youth in action program, as well as of the great European campaigns All different All equal and United against racism.

One of our major activities that makes us recognizable is KultUrban exchange, which will be presented at this year’s Beer Fest too.

Data/Images/trampa2_s.jpgKultUrban exchange represents the good old swap of things - in other words, barter. The theme of the exchange is INTERCULTURALISM. At a certain location we will place the stand providing the information on the exchange (posters, flyers…), and our volunteers will be handing out the promotional material. We will place around various things for the exchange: flags, some books, paintings, jewelry, and other, mostly handmade sundries. Visitors of Beer Fest are invited to exchange their personal stuff for something they like, and display it for the exchange. Since there will be no money involved in the exchange, we will organize making dreadlocks for free- which will help us promote afro culture, intercultural and antiracist spirit.

See you at Beer Fest/ Kulturban exchange.



Omladina Jugoslovenske asocijacije za borbu protiv side – Omladina JAZAS-a je nevladina, neprofitna, humanitarna organizacija osnovana 1994. godine sa ciljem da se bavi prevencijom HIV/AIDS-a i pružanjem psihosocijalne pomoći ljudima koji žive sa ovom bolešću.

Omladina JAZAS-a je organizacija mladih koji nastoje da svakom svojom aktivnošću spreče da se nova osoba inficira HIV-om i pomognu ljudima koji žive sa sidom.

Danas brojimo preko 3000 članova širom zemlje i sve veći broj mladih ljudi svojim članstvom potvrđuje usvajanje zdravih stilova života koje Omladina JAZAS-a stalno promoviše. Kroz zabavu, druženje i timski rad mi osmišljavamo i sprovodimo programe koji pored toga što imaju za cilj prevenciju širenja HIV/AIDS-a uključuju i sve veći broj mladih u svim svojim etapama počev od samog nastanka programa preko njihovog sprovođenja pa sve do evaluacije i razvoja novih.

Programi koje sprovodimo:

  • Program vršnjačkog obrazovanja
    Vršnjačko obrazovanje je proces kroz koji mladi ljudi, ljudi istih profesija, religija, kultura ili nekih drugih parametara koji su im zajednički, usvajaju znanja o određenoj temi kroz predavanja i stiču veštine daljeg prenošenja usvojenog znanja svojim vršnjacima (bilo po godinama, profesiji ili nečemu drugom) kroz radioničarski rad.
  • Program pomoći osobama koje žive sa HIV/sidom
    Kroz različite projekte sistematski radimo na poboljšanju položaja osoba koje žive sa HIV/sidom. U toku je sprovođenje projekta koji se odnosi na poboljšanje pravnog položaja osoba obolelih od HIV-a.
  • Program Informaciono-komunikacionih tehnologija
    Program se bavi promocijom i upotrebom Informaciono-komunikacionih tehnologija radi bolje komunikacije među mladim ljudima u Srbiji i efikasnog prikupljanja znanja o HIV/AIDS-u prvenstveno, a zatim i o drugim zdravstvenim pitanjima koja ih se direktno tiču.
  • AIDS-INFO I SOS telefon
    Ukoliko želite brze, pouzdane i tačne informacije o sidi i srodnim temama, pozovite: AIDS-INFO & SOS telefon 011/3248 235, svakog dana od 17 do 21 čas ili nam pišite na  




Omladina JAZAS-a na Beer Fest-u

U toku trajanja Beer Festa Omladina JAZAS- a će uz pomoć Durexa, sprovesti kampanju u okviru koje će na štandovima deliti edukativno informativni materijal i kondome,a i biće spremna da odgovori na svako vaše eventualno pitanje vezano za HIV/AIDS.

Procenjeno je da u svetu živi 11.8 miliona mladih od 15 d 24 godine sa HIV/AIDS – om. Svaki dan preko 7000 novih mladih ljudi se inficira i to na prosečno 5 minuta. Sa druge strane, praksa organizacija u regionu govori u prilog činjenici da mladi ljudi ti koji mogu promeniti tok i smer epidemije HIV-a.

Kroz svaku našu volontersku akciju mi se trudimo:

  • Da smanjimo nivo rizičnog ponašanja vezanog za HIV/AIDS i bolesti zavisnosti među mladim ljudima kroz sprovođenje vršnjačke edukacije i savetovanja na teritoriji Srbije
  • Da podignemo nivo svesti o HIV/AIDS-u i bolestima zavisnosti među mladim ljudima kroz sredstva javnog informisanja
  • Da razvijemo informacione pakete i komunikacijske strategije koje se odnose na HIV/AIDS namenjene mladima ljudima a kroz implementaciju participatornog istraživanja
  • Da povećamo nivo upotrebe kondoma od strane mladih ljudi tako što ćemo kondome učiniti cenom pristupačnim i dostupnim
  • Da umanjimo i kao krajnji cilj, iskorenimo diskriminaciju osoba koje žive sa HIV/AIDS-om kroz edukaciju populacije i zaštitu prava tih osoba.


Dođite, saznajte, pitajte, zaštitite se! Čekamo vas na Beer Festu.

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